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ICEA - Istituto per la Certificazione Etica e Ambientale
My family has a long history in growing vines and producing wine. Our agricultural choices have been determined by our respect for nature and the environment. A vine needs meticulous care and a good balance between its aesthetic and organic needs. Each decision we take considers the impact it will have on the environment. The process of “making wine” for us is a tradition or message handed down from the past. All our wines are produced from a selection of exclusively hand picked grapes.

At Piticciano, our attention and efforts are given to maintaining traditional wine making, which in turn means the preservation of an ancient farming heritage. After the alcoholic fermentation the wine is placed in certified oak barrels. It is very different from the mass production of industrial wines.

Our farm has acquired food and hygiene certifications and in 2000 we officially obtained the organic farming certification, granted by I.C.E.A. (The Italian Organic Certification Body).
Piticciano Vini - Toscana Piticciano Vini - Toscana
Piticciano Vini - Toscana Piticciano Vini - Toscana

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