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Chianti DOCG

The glass offers evident hues of bright and transparent ruby red. Classic notes of Sangiovese play on the nose, with a delicate sensation of violet and fresh cherry. Refined spicy recollections also emerge in the background, where the hint of white pepper is pleasant and elegant. Liquorice and vanilla complement the olfactory profile. The mouth is warm and refreshed by a pleasant and sharp acidity. The tannin is lively and nimble, accompanied by a light minerality. The mouth aromas are well-defined, with subtle and fresh hints of cherry and a light spiciness. Good and intense aromatic persistence.

Recommended pairings:
Pepper beef fillet, medium-ripe Pecorino cheese.

Giampaolo Zuliani

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Chianti DOCG
Chianti DOCG Riserva
IGT Rosso
IGT Bianco
Plaebis Aelse IGT Rosso
Plaebis Aelse IGT Bianco
Grappa di Vinacce
Grappa Riserva

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